European Green Card

The Green Card is the international insurance certificate which allows a motor vehicles to be considered validly insured against the compulsory motor third party liability (MTPL) in the visited Country.

The Green Card is issued under the responsibility of the National insurance bureau of the Country of registration of a vehicle.

What is it for

It allows the driver of a motor vehicle who travels abroad to enter and circulate in a foreign Country in compliance with the rules of the visited Country as regards the MTPL.

If the driver is not in possession of a valid green card, he/she must purchase a specific temporary frontier policy at the border of the visited Country.

As the temporary frontier policy is much more expensive than a green card, it is better to check before travelling and contact your insurer if necessary.

How to obtain a green card

In order to get a green card it is necessary to contact the Insurance company which insures your vehicle against MTPL (this indication applies for Italy: it may not apply to your Country).

Italian Insurance companies are free to exclude their guarantee to certain Countries out of the EEC by crossing out the relevant box on the green card. UCI is not in possession of specific information about the exclusions operated by Insurers.

In which Countries it is necessary to have a green card

Italian motorists who wish to travel abroad need a valid green card in order to enter the following Countries:

  • AL – Albania 
  • AZ – Azerbaigian
  • BY – Bielorussia 
  • MA – Morocco
  • MD – Moldavia
  • MK – North Macedonia 
  • MNE – Montenegro
  • RUS – Russia
  • TN – Tunisia 
  • TR – Turkey
  • IL – Israel
  • UA – Ukraine
  • IR – Iran

In which Countries a green card is not necessary

Vehicles registered and insured in Italy can enter and circulate in the following Countries without any green card because the insurance policy extend the guarantee to their territory:

  •  A – Austria
  •  IRL – Ireland
  •  IS – Iceland
  •  L – Luxembourg
  •  B – Belgium
  •  LT – Lithuania
  •  BG – Bulgaria
  •  LV – Latvia
  •  M – Malta
  •  CY- Cyprus
  •  CZ – Czech Republic
  •  D – Germany
  •  N – Norway
  •  DK – Denmark
  •  NL – Netherlands
  •  E – Spain
  •  P – Portugal
  •  EST – Estonia
  •  PL – Poland
  •  FL – Lichtenstein
  •  RO – Romania
  •  F – France
  •  FIN – Finland
  •  S – Sweden
  •  SK – Slovak Republic
  •  GR – Greece
  •  SLO – Slovenia
  •  H – Hungary
  •  HR – Croatia
  •  GB – United Kingdom
  •  AND – Andorra
  •  CH – Switzerland
  •  SRB – Serbia
  • BIH – Bosnia -Herzegovina