Useful info for foreign motorists

If you had an accident in which the driver of an Italian vehicle is responsible

On the place of the accident:

It is not compulsory to call the police for an official report in case of material damages or light injuries.
It is possible to fill in an international accident report form (constatazione amichevole di incidente / constat amiable): if you have a copy in your language and the Italian driver has also one, you can use it to understand each other. Beware that both drivers have to fill in and sign the form and exchange a copy.

In case of personal injuries: call for an ambulance in case of serious injuries or go as soon as possible to the next hospital with emergency rescue service (Pronto Soccorso)

In order to claim for compensation of your damages and/or injuries, you need the name of the Insurer of the Italian vehicle and its registration plate number.

After the accident: claim for compensation

UCI is not able to provide any assistance to you, neither in identifying the Insurer nor in the claim for compensation: UCI is competent by law only for the damages that you cause to others.

Option A: if you are resident in a EEA Country or Switzerland

This procedure applies also in case the other party’s car is from another EEA Country or Switzerland, not just Italy.
What you need is the registration plate of the car which caused the accident. If you have also the name of the Insurer it is even better.

You do not need to do anything in Italy. If your vehicle can travel you can claim for compensation at home: to this purpose you have to contact the Information Centre established in your Country: further details will be given by them. For the list of the IC established in the EEA Countries click here and select your Country on the map.


Option B: if you are resident outside EEC or Switzerland

To claim for compensation you have to contact the Insurer of the Italian vehicle: if the driver cannot give you the full address of such Insurer, you can find it here.

The compensation of the damages must be requested by registered letter with advice of delivery to the Insurer (a copy to the driver or owner of the vehicle is optional). In the letter it is necessary to indicate:
– date and place of the accident
– data of the both vehicles and drivers
– where it will be possible to check the damaged car and when
– if Police intervened, you have to specify which police authority (Polizia stradale, Carabinieri, Polizia locale etc.) and from which police station
– it is convenient to attach a photocopy of the documents you received from the Police or the accident report form and a photocopy of the documents of your vehicle
– indicate as much details as possible to contact you: telephone, post address and especially an email address
– if anybody in your car suffered injuries, don’t forget to ask also for the compensation for personal injuries and attach a copy of medical report of the emergency rescue
– any passenger in the car who did not suffer personal injuries is able to provide a declaration as a witness in case liability is disputed

If your car has a breakdown

UCI is not able to provide any assistance because it is not a task foreseen for us.

If you have in your policy a special cover for road assistance, you have to contact your Insurer in your Country and ask them the number to call.

If not, you can call the Italian Automobil Club road assistance service 800116800 (toll free). On the motorways you can call for rescue by using the red SOS columns where available.

If your car was damaged but not in an accident (vandalism, bad weather, theft, etc.)

UCI is not able to provide any assistance because it is not a task foreseen for us.

If you have a special Insurance cover for this kind of events you should contact your Insurer in your Country and ask them what documentation they need from Italy. In some cases you may be requested a police protocol or to announce the event to the local police.

Useful Numbers (toll free):

Police 112 or 113

Ambulance 118

Fire Brigade 115

Road Assistance 800116800