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Accidents caused in Italy by foreign vehicles

In case of accident occurred in Italy in which the responsibility of a foreign vehicle is engaged, contact UCI


Corso Sempione, 39 – 20145 Milano
PEC a:

How to deliver a claim for compensation:

To claim for compensation it is necessary to send an explicit request to:

UCI – Corso Sempione, 39 – 20145 Milano
by registered letter with notice of acceptance, or by email to

It is possible to use this model letter.

The following data are compulsory:

  • date and place of the accident
  • Nationality and registration plate of the foreign vehicle responsible for the accident
  • Description of the foreign vehicle
  • Category (private car, truck, lorry, motorcycle etc.)
  • Make and model (e.g. Fiat Punto, Opel Astra etc.)
  • Short description of the accident
  • Copy of the agreed statement of facts form (constat amiable)
    or indication about the police authorities which may have intervened to write a report (please specify both the authority such as Polizia stradale, Carabinieri, Polizia locale etc. and which local command

if available the following data would be useful for a quicker handling:

  • Name of the Insurer of the foreign vehicle
  • Full name and address of the owner of the foreign vehicle
  • Full name and address of the driver of the foreign vehicle
  • Copy of the green card or insurance policy showed by the other driver
  • Copy of other documents showed by the other driver

In order to receive a quick reply it is necessary to indicate an email address

Upon reception of the claim for compensation UCI charges the company appointed by the foreign Insurer for the handling and settlement of the claim. This company will charge an expert to evaluate the amount of the loss, to evaluate liability and to settle the claim or provide a motivated denial.

If the information provided in the claim for compensation does not allow to clearly identify the Insurer, UCI will start an investigation in the Country of origin of the vehicle to verify the possibility of its intervention. Such investigations are made under the rules of the Internal Regulations which foresee a limit of 6 weeks for the reply, even if UCI takes all necessary steps to obtain a response in the shortest possible term.

For this reason it is in the interest of the damaged party to provide as much details as possible in the first application for compensation and to attach the documentation in his/her possession.

Please consider that the term foreseen by the law to provide an offer or to provide a motivated denial is 3 months (article 125 alinea 5 bis of Law decree 209/2005).

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