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UCI intervenes in case of motor accidents occurred on the Italian territory in which the responsibility of a vehicle registered and insured out of Italy was engaged


– the foreign vehicle bears a registration plate regularly delivered, at the time of the accident, in one of the Countries member of the EEC or Switzerland, Serbia, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, United Kingdom (article 125, alinea 4 and alinea 3 letter b of the Private Insurance Code, Law decree 209/2005)

– in case however the is vehicle registred out of the EEC, it must be insured by means of an international motor insurance certificate (green card) the validity of which is confirmed by the Insurer which delivered it or the Bureau of the Country of such Insurer (art. 125 alinea 3 letter a “green card accepted by UCI” of the Private Insurance Code, Law decree 209/2005)

– or, in case of vehicle registered out of the EEC was insured by means of a frontier policy (article 125 alinea 3 letter c of the Private Insurance Code, Law decree 209/2005)

UCI is therefore not competent for accidents occurred in Italy in which the liability of a vehicle with Italian registration plate is engaged, even when such vehicle appears insured with a foreign Insurance company. We remind that a good number of foreign Insurance companies are authorised to transact MTPL in Italy. In these cases the handling and settlement of the case are subject to the ordinary MTPL rules.

On the web site of IVASS it is possible to check if a Company is authorised to insure Italian vehicles and its relevant representative for claims to get in touch with.

The direct compensation of claims does not apply to foreign vehicles as specified under second paragraph of article 149 of the Private Insurance Code, Law decree 209/2005. Therefore, the foreign motorist who suffered damages caused by an Italian vehicle must address its request for compensation according to art. 148 of the Private Insurance Code, Law decree 209/2005, to the Insurer of the Italian vehicle and not to UCI.

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